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The ethics of personal data?

The ethics of data in the era of the quantified self and the internet of things

An open invitation

There isn't a day which passes without mention of a personal data leak of some kind. So many in fact that we have started collectively bookmarking the key news stories related to data and ethics.

We highlighted how the ethics of data is creeping into conferences last year, spoke on a panel at London design week about data ethics and we experimented at Mozilla festival with a physical experiment into the end-user licence agreement (EULA) dilemma. We say dilemma, but as one of our experts points out, Books have always had a kind of EULA. Few of us actually read it, so no difference there - or is there?


At BBC R&D we are exploring the ethics surrounding some of the questions in perceptive media, the internet of things and the quantified self.

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The ethics of data is an evolving debate. No one has the right answer – if there even is one… We are interested in hearing your views and collaborating with you in the future.

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